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While I usually aim to post more than just links to other sites, there are a few recent items out there I happily recommend:

  •  The Detroit News profiles blues guitarist Johnnie Bassett today. The article includes info on some of his upcoming appearances but fails to mention that he’s slated to sit in this evening (7 pm) at the M.L. Liebler-orchestrated Detroit Tonight Live event at the UDetroit Café (1427 Randolph Street) along with the RJ Spangler Trio. Andrea Daniels, Steven Gulvezan, Zilka Joseph and I will also read some poetry. Bassett’s latest record kicks off with “Proud to Be from Detroit,” which I look forward to hearing.
  • This past weekend, The Free Press ran a long piece on saxophonist James Carter that also merits a look. Having seen Carter perform many times in various places over the years, I definitely consider myself a fan.
  • Poet Terry Blackhawk has a moving piece on the power of poetry over at Huffpost Detroit.
  • Vanity Fair spotlights two of my favorite writer via an excerpt from Christopher Hitchens’s introduction to George Orwell’s Diaries.
  • Finally, my article on the Downtown Boxing Gym can be read in the summer issue of Critical Moment and on the paper’s website.

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Critical Moment, a publication billing itself as Detroit by Detroiters, chose to include an article of mine in the summer 2012 issue. The title put above my piece, “Success at the Downtown Boxing Gym,” pretty much sums it up. The CM website has more details about the issue, including the release party at the Cass Café.

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